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I am privileged that these guitarists have purchased my guitars.

Marcin test

Marcin Dylla

laura test

Laura Young

"For me, the most important quality in a guitar is its innate ability to sing... that is, it must lend itself to carrying one note on to the next through its own resonance and soul is a magical and elusive quality and one which so few instruments have!  I remember playing Oren's guitar for the first time in Barcelona in 2010 and already sensing that his guitar had precisely what I was looking for and all I had to do as a performer was enter into the beautiful singing instrument with my own musical expression.  I have played hundreds of concerts on Oren's guitars and  am always thrilled by the  glorious sound, depth of character and immense variety of colour... 

Exquisite !!!"

Laura Young with my guitar.jpg
Mark test
Mark with James Gilchrist.JPG

Mark Eden


“Oren’s guitars are true craftsmanship combined with a unique musical understanding of what a guitarist needs. His guitars have the range of colour, singing warmth of tone, clarity of voice and line, plus that inexplicable sound that touches the heart. I’ve had my eye (and ears) on his guitars for many years and I am so happy to be finally playing one of his instruments in concerts and recordings. They are a true joy!”

Gerald test

Gerald Garcia

“In the tradition of instruments from the best makers, Oren’s guitars are among the most musical, beautifully balanced and meticulously crafted instruments that I have ever played.


He is a maker with the highest standards of quality, attention to detail, and above all a keen appreciation of the classic sound of fine instruments.”

Alison test

Alison Bendy


"I recommend Myers guitars for their ease of action and good balance between treble and bass. Oren gave an excellent after-care service following extensive damage to one of my guitars on an air flight. The repairs are invisible. Oren is a wonderful craftsman and has a good musical ear."

Daniela test

Daniela Rossi

"I have been playing an Oren Myers guitar since August 2015. It has been an exciting journey and a surprise to find the work of this great young luthier back in 2015 at Kent Guitars (trying many other instruments of similar quality but choosing this one). I won some of the most important prizes in my career playing on it (London Guitar Competition or Heinsberg Guitar Competition in Germany) and also played it all over the world in several festivals, with ensembles and orchestra, as well as recording my Regondi CD. Oren's instruments have great balance and sound, deep bass and something even more impressive and difficult to find on guitars with the qualities I mentioned before: very easy to play."

Daniela Rossi 1 (1).jpg
Torrin test

Torrin Williams

Kai Nieminen


"I own two Oren Myers guitars, both made with Indian Rosewood and Spruce.  I enjoy their perfect intonation, easy playability, and beautiful, singing tone.  In my compositions for orchestra and chamber ensembles I am inspired by the huge variety of orchestral colours of the guitar, and Oren’s guitars provide me with all the colours I am looking for."

Izan test
Izan Rubio - Oren Myers 2.jpg.jpg

Izan Rubio

Maarten test

Maarten Vandenbemden


"My Myers guitar has enabled me to engage in adventurous chamber music projects, allowing a natural balance while maintaining the colors and character of the classical guitar."

Maarten Vandenbemden with guitar.jpg
Jiva test

Jiva Housden

Alma test

Alma Guitar Trio


“Oren’s guitars are extremely responsive, well balanced and a real pleasure to play. Our seven string guitar adds depth to the traditional guitar ensemble sound and its versatility and timbral range enables us to match and blend our sounds as a trio. Oren’s craftsmanship ensures that it is a comfortable instrument to play.  His guitars feel great to play and look beautiful, we would highly recommend him to anybody.”

Hannah Woollacott and Jonnie Cumming of the Alma Trio play Oren Myers guitars, in addition to a seven-string guitar owned by the trio.

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